Nurse Jobs in school districts
School district nursing jobs

School Nursing Jobs

School Nursing Jobs and responsibilities will vary from school district to school district. we have outlined the description and duties below to help you understand how important you are and what the expectations might be.

Job Purpose
Provides nursing services at assigned school sites or Early Education Centers, or in a central office position providing District-wide nursing services. The School Nurse identifies health problems that could impact a student’s ability to learn and provide intervention by helping families find resolution to identified health barriers to learning.
Reporting Relationships
When serving at a school, receives administrative direction jointly from the school principal and a Field Coordinator, School Nursing. The Stull evaluation is the responsibility of the Field Coordinator, School Nursing, with assistance from the school principal. When assigned to a District-wide health services program, receives administrative and technical direction from a Field Coordinator, School Nursing, or the Director, District Nursing Services.


  1. Provides school nursing services at school sites District wide, Early Education Centers, or District Wide health programs.
  2. Conducts immunization programs pursuant to California Education Code, Section 49403, or the California Code of Regulations.
  3. Assesses and evaluates the health appraisals, including general and athletic health, vision, hearing, dental, orthopedic, and developmental status of students.
  4. Determines, provides, and supervises the appropriate skilled care for students with special health needs, such as diabetes, severe allergies, spina bifida, asthma, cardiac conditions, respirator dependency, seizures, and other.
  5. Refers students and parents to Special Programs-Central Nursing, School Wellness Centers, or appropriated community resources for necessary services related to physical or mental health.
  6. Responds to emergency needs of students, accidents, emergency illnesses, and crisis situations at school.
  7. Controls communicable diseases by following standing orders of a supervising physician and surgeon, through readmissions, exclusions, inspections, and determination of immunization assessment with follow-up.
  8. Interprets medical and nursing findings appropriate to the student’s individualized education program and make recommendations to the professional personnel directly involved.
  9. Evaluates immunizations required for school entry and follow-up for compliance.
  10. Inspects the school plant to help maintain an environment for optimum health.
  11. Provides in-service education to school personnel on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator usage, and First Aid, communicable disease control, asthma triggers.
  12. Provides appropriate health education for students, individually and in groups, in a variety of health topics; relates health instruction and guidance to specific health needs of students.
  13. Develops curriculum and assists in delivery of comprehensive health education to students.
  14. Counsels and guides students to meet their individual health needs by interpreting health appraisals and standards of normal growth and development and promoting emotional health.
  15. Coordinates and implements services provided by teams from the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, Tuberculin Skin Testing Program, and Dental Health Program.
  16. Participates with school administrators and school personnel in developing Individualized Education Program (IEP) and 504 Plans for students with special needs.
  17. Notifies, counsels, and assists parents in remediating student health defects.
  18. Assists in developing a school nursing services program in collaboration with school administrators and other school personnel and in accordance with established policy.
  19. Promotes health and safety of school students and staff and integrates health solution into the education setting.
  20. Supervises, evaluates, and trains subordinate licensed and unlicensed school personnel.
  21. Maintains necessary health records.
  22. May provide nursing assistance in schools designated as shelters during major disasters.


To apply for school nursing jobs, you must ensure you meet the minimum requirements. Please review below. We look forward to working with you and matching your job needs with available job positions.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
Possession of a valid active California Registered Nurse License.
A valid California Health and Development Credential authorizing service as a school nurse. (Service Credential Requirements)